Lillian Chun

Lillian is an avid volunteer and interior designer. She is active as President of the Wellesley Club in Silicon Valley and is on the Volunteer Council of the Sean N Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research at Stanford Hospital. She moved to the Bay Area with her husband 19 years ago from New York City, where she worked in fundraising for The United Way of NYC and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Today, she loves California life and enjoys taking walks with friends. She and her husband David live in Palo Alto and have two children.

When asked to join KACF-SF as a founding member in 2014, Lillian didn’t hesitate to say yes. She was surprised to learn how much an organization like ours was needed in the area — from the large percentage of elderly living in isolation to the families at risk living below the poverty line — and was motivated to get involved. She has served on the Community Grants Committee and volunteered at KACF-SF’s first golf fundraiser in 2015. Currently, Lillian is a Co-Chair for KACF-SF’s Inaugural Gala this year.

“Being part of KACF-SF is my chance to give back to those who are still struggling to make it, as my family did when I was young. I especially hope that KACF-SF will encourage the younger generation to follow in our steps and then blaze their own path to helping those in need.”