Other Initiatives


Capacity Building

KACF-SF believes that investing in building the capacity of nonprofit, community-based organizations is critical to increasing their effectiveness and efficiency. Like any business, these nonprofits need a clear mission and vision, a concrete workplan, financial resources, professional staff, and effective systems to best achieve their missions. Yet organizations that are important safety nets for vulnerable community members often operate with very limited resources, focused on meeting more immediate service delivery needs.

While support for programs that provide services to individuals and families is vital, we know that organizational development to strengthen Korean grantee partners is needed for them to most effectively serve the community and ensure more lasting results. In order to meet the varying capacity-building needs of our partners, we have begun exploring ways to best effect positive change within the organizations as well as within the Korean American community.  (Read about a day-long workshop the Foundation held in August 2016.) KACF-SF will continue to work closely with our partners to identify, prioritize and address their organizational development goals and opportunities.

Technical Assistance (TA) Grants
To support capacity building, KACF-SF funds TA Grants that help staff and board of grantee partners increase their capacity to lead and manage their organizations. Only grantee partners with annual budgets of under $1 million are eligible to apply throughout the year for TA grants of up to $5,000, to build their organization’s infrastructure and leadership in such areas as financial management, board/staff development, communications, fundraising, and technology.

Partnership & Coalition Building

KACF-SF believes it can play a role in helping to strengthen the network of organizations and providers working to improve lives within the Korean American and broader communities. The Foundation seeks opportunities to build partnerships and bridges across communities by convening like-minded organizations and individuals who can work together on common issues, leveraging each other’s strengths and resources. We hope to collectively achieve greater impact through coordinated strategies and collaborative efforts.

In addition to facilitating conversations between Korean and broader API organizations, KACF-SF is taking the initiative to convene a range of nonprofit organizations working to address the complex problem of domestic violence in our community. Arising from a desire expressed by organizations working on the frontlines, KASF-SF surveyed their capacities, resources, and priorities, and held an initial meeting in the fall of 2016 to share information and discuss next steps. We hope there will emerge a shared vision, aligned priorities, and a coordinated plan of action that can be supported by KACF-SF and other funders.

As other areas of need and opportunity for coordination are identified within the community, for example around mental health, KACF-SF looks forward to playing a leadership role.

Event Sponsorship

KACF-SF provides a limited number of small sponsorships each year for events that are of value to the Korean American community. For additional information and guidelines, please contact Eun Young Choi at eunyoung@kacfsf.org.

Click HERE to download the sponsorship application form. A completed application form with the required attachments should be emailed as a PDF file to Eun Young Choi at eunyoung@kacfsf.org.