Ed Chin

Ed is a Software Engineer at Google, where he helps to promote and protect the open and free internet by working on the Chrome open source browser.

He began his career as a management consultant at Monitor Group (now Monitor Deloitte), where he advised senior executives in tech, telecom, and consumer packaged goods. Ed earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Binghamton University and an M.Eng. Degree from Cornell University.

Ed was born in Korea and grew up in New York City. As a child, Ed learned about his heritage through the Korean church his family attended. The elder generation at the church taught him the language, culture, and history. As an adult, Ed continues to study Korean and stay connected to the Korean community. At KACF-SF, Ed volunteered at the 2nd Annual Gala and other fundraising events. He is also serving on the Community Grants Committee (CGC) in 2017.

“It is our responsibility to take care of the Korean American community. Working with KACF-SF, we can ensure that our most vulnerable members, such as the elderly, are looked after. Giving to the community, is not only a privilege – it is a must.”