Karen Ha Scholarship Selections Committee

This group of dedicated volunteers lends their expertise in reviewing applications and supporting the Karen Ha Scholarship selection process.


Eun-Joo Chang

Eun-Joo has more than 30 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, helping organizations grow and building successful programs, largely in international health, training, and professional development, including mentorship. She has honed her nonprofit organizational management skills in areas including strategic planning, fundraising and grants, monitoring & evaluation, board/volunteer relations, and partnership building. Prior to her role as the Founding Executive Director of KACF-SF, Eun-Joo served as a senior director leading teams in membership, marketing, and professional development at the Society for Neuroscience. She currently volunteers and consults for community-based organizations.


Junne Moy

A longtime advocate for community services and volunteerism, Junne has been actively involved with non-profit organizations and local schools in the Bay Area since she began her high tech marketing career over 25 years ago. While she provides consulting services in marketing strategy and planning, Junne mentors students with college application strategy and readiness and serves on the Board for the MVLA Education Foundation. Her current passion project is creating an online guided platform for teens focused on early intervention in mental wellness, by teaching resilience and coping skills. Junne is one of thirteen Founding Members of KACF-SF.


Nuri Chang

Nuri is a San Francisco native. He graduated from Cal and currently works at Affirm. He’s a lifelong gardener and interested in publishing books (though he has 0 to his name). As a kid he got access to an amazing after-school Korean language program and now wants to give back to students in the Bay Area. In his spare time, he paddles out in the bay waters.